An American team of superheroes working primarily out of New York. They operate out of the belief that the mystery men community needs regulations and order, otherwise they are nothing but dangerous vigilantes. Such a belief lends credence to the possibility that they are a government-sponsored, or at least government-sanctioned, team. Despite their focus on teamwork and cooperation, they have a somewhat contentious relationship with the rest of the superhero community. Not all of the reasons for this have been explained, but it is partly due to actions such as the Kirkhouse Resolution against Alternate Superteams. This led to an embarrassing confrontation in which the Society of Gentlemen Adventurers came out of retirement and, as the Red Panda put it, "handed you your big silly hats."

List of Known MembersEdit

Molecule Max
Status: Unknown
He was one of the cadre of heroes who went back in time to prevent Kid Chaos from changing history.
Voice Actor: Steven Burley is Molecule Max.

Lady Luck
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is Lady Luck.

The Ogre
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is The Ogre.

Danger Dame
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: Julie Cogger is Danger Dame.

Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is Hope.

Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is Glory.

The Huntsman
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is The Huntsman.

Captain Blaster
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is Captain Blaster.

Tom Tomorrow
Status: Unknown
Heroic "Man of the Future". Equipped with Rocket Boots and other amazing futuristic gizmos. Formerly a member of the Justice Union, he was evicted from the group after a binding resolution was passed against temporal beings.
Voice Actor: Jonathan Llyr is Tom Tomorrow.

The Justice Union Placeholder
Current Members
Molecule MaxLady LuckThe OgreDanger DameHopeGloryThe HuntsmanCaptain Blaster

Former Members
Tom Tomorrow
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