This week, the Summer Showcase is proud to present The Magic of the Movies by Tim Prasil. A tale of suspense told late at night around a Hollywood bar... A tale of fame and fortune lost, and a terrible secret found. The sad ramblings of a forgotten man? You be the judge...

Plot Edit

In a Hollywood bar, sometime in the 1940s, a tipsy patron recognizes former movie star Stewart Carey. She asks why he stopped making motion pictures--and learns a dark secret about how movies "come to life."

Quotes Edit

CRANKY: Hmmm. A bit young for you, isn’t she?
STU: Well now, with this shoe polish in my hair and the lights set just so, why, I’m a young man again. It’s the magic of the movies!

RENÉ: Dorro seetum. Dorro seetum. Zay zanda. Zay zanda. Quarm pandox. Quarm pandox. Janavar satour. Janavar satour. Dor-ro see-tum!

Trivia Edit

The Confidant, the Hollywood bar where Steward Carey narrates this story, reappears in Tim Prasil's "Plotting for Perfection," also produced by the Decoder Ring Theatre. Apparently, over the decades, this bar will become rather seedy.

Links Edit

Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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