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The Shadow Hunter
Show The Red Panda Adventures
Air Date 29 April, 2006
Episode Number 9
Episode Length 29 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
Players Gregg Taylor
Clarissa Der Nederlanden
Gregory Z. Cooke
Andrew Merzetti
Shannon Arnold
M. John Kennedy
Scott Moyle

An ancient killer stalks the city through shadows and fog. Each night brings new terrors, new victims. With each new dawn there are more questions, more outrage... and the lingering dread of the darkness to come. Who dares to hunt the hunter? To bring the light of justice to a metropolis under siege? The city cries out for its champions; but can even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto, The Red Panda and The Flying Squirrel, withstand the fury of... The Shadow Hunter? [1]




Cast of Characters[]

Character status is as of the end of this episode

Major Characters[]

The Red Panda - Status: Alive and Well The Red Panda is a hero in the mystery man mold of the pulp era. His costume is limited to a suit and hat with a bright red domino mask (with Batman-like blank eyes) and matching red gauntlets. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

The Flying Squirrel - Status: Alive and Well Katya "Kit" Baxter (later Baxter-Fenwick), plucky sidekick and driver. Voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor.

Frank Derry - Status: Dead Doctor Astor Steben's assistant; becomes a saber-toothed tiger. Voiced by Andrew Merzetti.

Doctor Astor Steben - Status: Dead A scientist studying the remains of a saber-toothed tiger. Voiced by Gregory Z Cooke.

Minor Characters[]

Woman - Status: Alive and well A young mother in danger. Voiced by Shannon Arnold.

Thug - Status:  In Jail A cowardly parasite. Voiced by Scott Moyle.

Goon - Status:  In Jail Thug's less able partner. Voiced by Scott Moyle.

Newsie - Status: Unknown Voiced by Shannon Arnold.

Man - Status: Unknown A city worker Voiced by Gregory Z. Cooke.


  1. Taylor, Gregg. Red Panda Adventures episode 9: The Shadow Hunter. Podcast. dir. and prod. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2006


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