A superhero team based in London, England and Washington, DC, the Society of Gentlemen Adventurers was active in the early 19th century, but had largely disbanded by the events of the Red Panda Adventures.


The only heard member of the Society is the Stranger, who was still actively fighting crime up to 1939, due to his connection with mystical forces. The entire Society did reunite for a brief time in the mid 1930s, when the Justice Union attempted to ban them[1].

One other occasional member, The Masked Phantom, hasn't been heard from since the Great War, though it is possible that he had retired peacefully, as his identity was unknown even to his teammates. It is true, however, that the rest of the team was tracked down by the young Red Panda when he was completing his training[2]. The fact that there is no record of an encounter between the Red Panda and the Masked Phantom suggests the possibility that the M.P. did not survive the many secret missions he undertook in the war[3].


Unlike the Red Panda, the Society of Gentlemen Adventurers did not fight street-level crime, instead travelling to face specific threats[4]


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