The Sphinx
Age  ?
Occupation petty criminal and expert safecracker
Alias Mike Murtock
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (01) - Riddle of the Sphinx
Affiliated With
Homebase Toronto, Canada
Voice Actor M. John Kennedy
Mike Murtock, A.K.A. The Sphinx, was the featured villain in Red Panda Adventures, episode 1. He was nothing more than a petty criminal and an expert safecracker, until one day he got hold of two mystical devices. The first was a weapon to instantly mummify a living being. The second was a mystical teleportation device consisting of an ankh-shaped amulet and two sapphires.

Using an estate lawyer named Emil Chauson, he would get one of the sapphires into close proximity to even more valuable treasures - research notes, for example, as exhibited in the episode he appeared in. He would then teleport into the safe or holding room in order to take whatever it was he had been looking for.

He intended to get rich off of his ill gotten gains before the police "got wise" to his scheme. However, the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel took the case after he took the formula for a "remarkable new alloy" from Bellamy Labs. The Sphinx was defeated and his mystical weapons taken from him by the Red Panda.

Voiced by M. John Kennedy[1].

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