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The Stranger
Catchphrase Danger was my constant companion
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Internationally known stage magician.
Alias Maxwell Falconi
The Great Falconi
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (17) - Merlin's Tomb
Affiliated With The Society of Gentlemen Adventurers (Retired)
the Council of Mages
Homebase Toronto, Canada
Voice Actor Peter Higginson

Maxwell Falcone, international stage magician and mystic protector of the mortal realm. One of the first masked mystery men and one of the Red Panda's mentors. His catchphrase was "Danger was my constant companion". He was apparently quite successful, considering that Kit Baxter recognized the phrase and remembered the outfit even after he had been long retired. Officially works under the rule of the Council of Mages, but disobeys their rules about not interfering in mortal affairs. Retired member of the Society of Gentlemen Adventurers.

The Stranger is voiced by Peter Higginson


"Danger was my constant companion"

Known History[]

Along with other masked adventurers, the Stranger was a member of the Society of Gentlemen Adventurers in his youth. He was based in either London, England or in Washington, DC, USA, but in either case he went where he was needed, rather than primarily fighting street-level crime where he was based.

Following the breakup of the Society, the Stranger worked mostly with the the Council of Mages. He was not officially part of the Council, however, and did not agree with their policy of noninterference in mortal affairs.

Shortly before 1939 and the beginning of World War II, the Stranger participated in a mystical war against dark forces rising in Europe. The Dark Forces' originator is unknown, but was likely involved with Friedrich Von Schlitz and his attempts to meld magic and science in order to dominate and subjugate the free world. In a last ditch effort to keep a large stockpile of mystical artifacts out of Von Schlitz's hands, the Stranger sealed himself and the artifacts inside a magical fissure.

Alter Ego[]

When not fighting crime, the Stranger usually took on the persona of The Great Falcone, internationally known stage magician. Maxwell Falcone, however, is not the Stranger's real name.


The Shield of Zachraus
Given to the Stranger by Dr. Theodore Chronopolis[1]. It was created to keep extra dimensional beings, like the Draxite, from entering our dimension.

Current Status[]

Episode: 60 Sealed in the Fissure with all of the artifacts held by the Council of Mages The Stranger sealed himself and all of the magical artifacts that the Council of Mages had collected, in a magical fissure to keep the the artifacts out of the hands of Professor von Schlitz and the Nazi party.


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