A criminal enterprise dedicated to bringing about a new world order. The syndicates cause was always someone vauge. As the Panda put it durning their inital introduction, "I'm not sure if fasist, communist or garden veriety nut jobs". Along with traditional methods, they have no problem with employing supervillains such as Kid Chaos[3] and Mordriel the Malevolent[4] to further their schemes.


The Red Panda first became aware of the Syndicate when they where little more then a gang of pirates looting cargo ships. The "great cause" to "bring justice to the whole world" was taken less then seriously by the masked due at the time. It wasn't until The Opening Gambit when the Syndicate allied themselves with Kid Chaos and took one of their agents hostage that they began to treat this mysterious organization with their vague cause as a true threat. Later it is reveled that the super villain Mordriel the Malevolent was also at one time in their employ.

Later the Syndicate establishes a domestic terrorism group under the guise of a "neighborhood watch" based on racism and prejudice meant to tear communities apart from the inside. When that failed they took on the face of big time organized crime employing The Golden Claw to run their enterprise and recruiting dirty cops and small time criminals to forward their cause.

This change proved to be their undoing the criminals they employed were less loyal then the devotees that had followed them in the past. One by one their players were taken off the board until they no longer had the manpower to convert the city to their cause by force. Once the leaders of the organization realized this they decided to make an example of the city that would not kneel by wiping it off the map. However this planned mass murder turned even the most devoted against the cause and the syindicate was ultimately defeated by the very people who built it.

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The Opening Gambit

The Third Wave 

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