Owner and co-founder of " Justice and Dixon: Private Investigations". Almost nothing is confirmed about her childhood. We do know, however, that Trixie grew up in a relatively poor neighborhood across the street from a factory she naively believed produced ONLY smoke. Due to the city lights and pollution, Trixie could only see 3-4 stars in the sky on any given night. She attended reform school as a child, where she reputedly learnt how to fight, along with several other tricks including a move known as the "Two Dollar Special", which apparently involves a roll of nickels, clenched in each fist. From what little information we are provided about her mother, we know that she may or may not "be sweet on" Trixie's partner, Jack Justice. Before working with Justice, Dixon worked on her own, though little information has been revealed about this particular time period.

For all her shady past, Trixie is the more responsible and organized of the two detectives. She enjoys research and during dry periods between cases reorganizes the filing cabinets. She is more likely to arrive at the office on time then Jack. In the Decoder Ring Theatre Season One Spectacular, she is described by voice actress Andrea Lyons as being "tough as nails, hard as asphalt, and just [wanting] to be loved - by someone other than Jack." Played by Andrea Lyons.

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