These are stories/events that have been alluded to in existing episodes but have not been dramatized.

Red Panda Adventures Edit

001. Riddle of the Sphinx

  • The Red Panda saved Bert the Coroner's life.
  • The Red Panda sent safe-cracker Mike Murtoch (who becomes The Sphinx in this episode) to prison.

012. The Deadliest Game

  • The Red Panda teams up with a cadre of heroes and mystery men (including Molecule Max, but not the Flying Squirrel) and travels back in time to stop Kid Chaos from rewriting history.

018. Secret Origins

  • The Red Panda took out a stick-up artist in Kit's neighborhood the previous summer:
Kit: You remember last summer, when there was a stick-up artist in my neighborhood?
Sully: I remember that Ma Baxter nearly fainted every time you left the cab stand late.
Kit: They found him hanging upside-down from his ankles from a lamppost.
Sully: Doesn't mean a thing.
Kit: With a sign around his neck that said Courtesy of the Red Panda.
  • The Red Panda also took out an entire gang:
Kit: And my cousin Mary Francis, she said the guy took out a whole pack of gangsters that were taking over her neighborhood.
Sully: And her best friend swears she saw the Red Panda jumping off a rooftop...

049. Nightshade

  • 'There was that diamond robbery on board (of an ocean liner) And the ghost murders in London and the art swindle at the Louvre...'

055. The Secret City

  • The last time we were in Paris in the Spring, I was shot with a poison dart and you were chased by a team of mastiffs.'

Black Jack Justice Edit

Cold CasesEdit

  • The Worthington Pearls[1]
  • The Meretti Poisoning[2]

Other Referenced StoriesEdit

  • Jack got notorious purveyor of stolen goods Eli Minorick arrested on "the only charge that ever stuck[3]
  • Jack has a romantic history with Trixie's lawyer, Molly Cameron.[4]


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